"Friend...I shake with this hand because my heart is on this side; the right hand does all manner of wickedness and I want this peace to last forever." -Crazy Horse

High energy and all smiles...A 6th generation Oregonian and having grown up in the shadows of the stunning Three Sisters Mountains meant that his early years were filled with hiking, snowboarding, fly-fishing, hunting, rafting, mountain biking...basically any outdoor activity. Graduating from the University of Oregon after a senior year abroad in Argentina, his adventures have taken him further afield and he hasn’t stopped moving since. His desire to constantly explore has resulted in him living in Costa Rica for over two years, working as a licensed officer on National Geographic Expedition ships in Alaska, Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica and fueled an already existing passion for photography. His "work hard, play hard" motto combined with a bohemian upbringing has provided many unique opportunities and has certainly instilled an absolute phobia for the traditional 9-5...


Ryder specializes in Environmental Portraiture, travel and lifestyle photography. He loves the challenge of a quality outdoor shoot and much prefers working with natural elements as opposed to synthetic lighting. With that said, he wont stray away from an indoor product shoot.


Ryder currently works as a freelance photographer based out of central Oregon as well as a Photo Instructor for Lindblad expeditions jumping back and forth between the expedition vessels; National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion.